2016 A BRAND COMPANY sales meeting

This year we invaded VANCOUVER and spent some quality time meeting new friends, learning new techniques and seeing great new products from our Authentic Suppliers. Most importantly, we came together as ONE TEAM to celebrate past successes, plan for the future and learn that indeed PROFIT IS GOOD :)

This was certainly ONE great meeting!

Largest Single Order

This year's winner was Meredith Wallace at $390,900. This year's finalists included Adam Grant and Greg Greemon.

Largest Order, Enterprise Team

This year's winner was Cheryl MacNeil with an impressive single order of $750,000. The other finalist was Katie Casarin.

Highest % of Vendor Partner Purchases

This year's winner was Michelle Zielinski at an incredible percentage of 86.75%. Other high percentage finalists were Deanna Anton and Gentry Harrington.

HIGHEST Vendor Partner Bonus

Gentry Harrington once again won the impressive bonus check for over $23K!

Most Creative Project

Murray Hallman from our Vancouver office scored this coveted award. Great, creative work also by finalist Victoria Brashears and Marie-Josée Bourdon.


39 new customers in ONE year! Steve Moore rocked 2016 in a big way! Other terrific prospectors included finalists Richard Arluk
and Greg Greemon.

Highest Annual Revenue

Kris Palmer kicked off her big night with this big time award. Finalists also included sales leaders Cheryl Benson and Scott Sunitsch.

Highest Revenue, Enterprise Team

Cheryl MacNeil had a very good year helping the enterprise team drive over $4MM! The other nominee was Heather Strecheniuk.

Highest Gross Margin

Shannon Wylie was our top seller in terms of MARGIN with an impressive 44.5% average. Other profiteers included finalists Steven Moore and Burt Welch.

Largest Revenue Increase

Kris Palmer certainly had a banner 2016 with the company's largest revenue improvement of a whopping 93.8% Other folks in growth mode were Scott Sunitsch
and Eric Williams.

Largest increase, Enterprise Team

Cheryl MacNeil also won the largest revenue increase for the Enterprise Team with remarkable year over year growth of 233%.

Salesperson of the Year

All hail, Queen Kris! A very deserving winner of this award. Right on the heels of her Manolo Blahniks were finalists Adam Grant and Eric Williams.

2016 ABC sales meeting welcome video

Take a look at the way we kicked off this year's sales meeting at the Four Seasons in Vancouver. Fred Parker added to the evening with a few thoughts on change management, ABC's points of differentiation and vision for the future.


2016 ABC sales meeting One TEAM, ONE GOAL VIDEO

What better way to launch our 2016 awards dinner than celebrating the energy, vision and culture that bonds us together? (BTW, that's BOND, not BONDAGE Tia!)



As Burt will tell you, here's how this works: You're having a good ol' time and some SMART A$$ with a 4K camera starts rolling... the rest is ABC history!


2016 Alfred Brand award: Steve Sachs and Ian Huntley

Our highest award, The Alfred Brand Award, had not ONE but TWO ultra deserving recipients this year. Operations guru STEVE SACHS from award-winning affiliate Grapevine Designs and fearless change manager IAN HUNTLEY from the BrandAlliance NextGen Vancouver office.

Congratulations and great job gents!


POLYCONCEPT NORTH AMERICA was recognized as the US Authentic Partner of the Year. Accepting the award was David Grobisen (left) Vice President of Sales and Rick French, National Sales Manager (PCNA).


SPECTOR & CO. was recognized as the Canadian Authentic Partner of the Year. Marc Giroux, VP Sales, U.S and Jenny Lebricon, Director of Sales, CA accepted the award.


Next July we will be taking the meeting to the Midwest, as we descend upon Kansas City, MO! The area’s ubiquitous BBQ, breweries, and hometown Kansas City Royals, make the ‘City of Fountains’ a perfect summertime destination for the 2017 A Brand Company Summit. The creatives at Grapevine Designs will be playing city host and are already hard at work trying to top the Vancouver office debut!


Spotify a few of the tunes we used as the soundtrack to this year's awesome ONE TEAM ONE GOAL awards night. Have a favorite you would like to recommend for next year's sales meeting? Zip it to DJ Bryan: Bryan.McCormick@activatepromos.com.


From sponsors, team members and board members, we have received so many great thoughts and compliments supporting our efforts at this year's sales meeting. Take a look...

The Sales Summit was an amazing experience! Being one of the younger Account Managers that attended, I found that I came out of there with not just more knowledge about sales, but also more open-minded on how large and truly supportive A Brand Company really is! I got to see everyone come together and truly be “one team with one goal”. This is truly a company that wants their employees to not just do well.. but to reach the top and be number 1!

I had learned more during the training sessions that I could have ever imagined… especially Alan Chippindale’s! Alan had an outstanding presentation where he had everyone interact and just talk about strategies and…wow… everyone was so open with what strategies work for them that we all could implement into our lives to help boost our own sales. I myself have already started using some of them, and I’m already noticing a difference!

The tradeshows were perfect (except for that whistle!), the vendors all got straight to the point and showed us exactly what they knew that we wanted to see. The sizes of each group were perfect as well – not too many people where the vendors weren’t able to answer questions.

A special thank you to everyone that took part in putting the whole event together, from my standpoint…everything seemed to run extremely smoothly!

As I indicate to anyone I am in touch with – the people – your team – was the value-added for me. They were respectful, appreciative, and engaged. And very welcoming. Also the coordination of the entire event from greeting on was fabulous.

From my perspective, it was about learning and understanding. I gained an increased level of intimacy and understanding of A Brand Company and its family of companies. The result of this knowledge will allow me to become a more effective solution provider. Targeted solutions that are profitable for A Brand Company while working with a team you either have or are developing relationships with can only result in a win/win situation.

There was a tremendous amount of positive energy created at this event. The sharing of knowledge, experiences, and case histories between sales people and vendors was worth the price of admission!


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