This year’s sales meeting was filled with inspiring moments in the heart of the Midwest, Kansas City, Missouri. After several energizing days with friends, new and old, learning innovative techniques and previewing impressive new products from our Authentic Suppliers, it’s hard not to feel the inspiration.

Largest Single Order by Dollar

Securing this year's award was Katie Hepditch (center) with an impressive order of $1,024,033. Other finalists included Michelle Costel (left) and Heather Strecheniuk (right).

Largest Single Order By Margin

This year’s award winner was Cheryl MacNeil (not pictured) with a single order of $109,473. Other finalists included Billy Booe (not pictured) and Jessica Mills (right).
Ian Macleron accepted the award on Cheryl's behalf.

Best US Authentic Supporter

Best US Authentic Supporter

Capturing this year’s award was Gentry Harrington (center) with an incredible percentage of 75.59%. Other high percentage finalists included Michelle Costel (right) and Michelle Zielenski (left).

Best Canadian Authentic Supporter

Taking this year’s award was Will Erickson (not pictured) with an impressive percentage of 85.92%. Other extraordinary finalists included Murray Hallman (left) and Catherine Taylor (center).
Ian Huntley accepted the award on Will's behalf.

Largest Rebate Payout

Gentry Harrington (left) and Scott Sunitsch (right) tied for the largest rebate payout award for this year.

Best Creative Project

Best Creative Project

The coveted award for best creative project went to Lisa Mayers (right) and Karen Dionne (left). Other inspired project finalists included Billy Booe and Holly Robertson (both not pictured).

Highest Annual Revenue Custom Business

Highest Annual Revenue Custom Business

Kris Palmer (left) once again seized the inspiring award for the highest annual revenue. Finalists for this award included Heather Strecheniuk (right) and Scott Sunitsch (center).

Highest Gross Margin

Highest Gross Margin

Joelle Cummings (not pictured) motivated everyone as the top seller in terms of margin with an impressive 43.83% average. Other profiteers included finalists Steven Moore (not pictured) and Chris "Juicy" Rosburg (left).
Ian Huntley accepted the award on Joelle's behalf.

Largest Revenue Increase

Heather Strecheniuk (right) earned this year’s award for the largest revenue growth. Other finalists with impressive growth included Scott Sunitsch (center) and Marie-Josée Bourdon (left).

Largest Client Relationship

Adding to her inspirational wins, Heather Strecheniuk (far right) took this award. Finalists included (left to right) Jane Beth McCarty, Michelle Costel, Lisa Mayers, and Karen Dionne.

Salesperson of the Year

Salesperson of The Year

A very deserving Burt Welch took this year’s award, with finalists Richard Arluk, Kris Palmer, Tia Walker and Eric Williams close behind him.

2017 Alfred Brand Award

Meghan O’Leary received the highest award, the Alfred Brand Award. We could not think of a more deserving recipient for this year’s premier honor.

2017 US Authentic Partner of the Year

PCNA was recognized as the US Authentic Partner of the Year.

2017 Canadian Authentic Partner of the Year

2017 Canadian Authentic Partner of the Year

DEBCO was recognized as the Canadian Authentic Partner of the Year.

2017 ABC Sales Meeting Inspiration Video

This year, we kicked off the sales meeting by sharing quotes from people who inspire us. Check it out, we think you’ll notice some familiar faces.


Friday Guest Speaker

On Friday morning, Jason Lucash, CEO of OrigAudio, inspired us by sharing the story of his business and his journey as an entrepreneur.


Saturday Guest Speaker

We kicked off Saturday morning with Seth Barnett of PPAI. Seth gave an inspiring speech about Marketing to Millennials and adapting the way we do business.


Spirit of Giving

Fred Parker was challenged to name every A Brand Company employee at the award show on Saturday night. He accepted the challenge and much to everyone's delight successfully identified every ABC attendee! Thanks to Fred and the generosity of everyone that attended the event $1152 was collected and donated to World Vision. The deadline to donate to World Vision is August 11th. If anyone wishes to make a donation, please content Trish Fizer at 704-716-3195 or trish.fizer@brandalliance.com.


Spotify a few of the tunes we used as the soundtrack to this year's awesome Inspire awards night. Have a favorite you would like to recommend for next year's sales meeting? Zip it to DJ Bryan: Bryan.McCormick@brandalliance.com.

Quotes from the ABC Sales Meeting

From sponsors, team members and board members, we have received so many great thoughts and compliments supporting our efforts at this year's sales meeting. Take a look...

‘Inspire’ could not be a better way to describe #SalesSummit2017. There is truly something magical that happens when we get all of A Brand Company in a room together. Spending quality time with my colleagues in an educational setting really sets the tone for the rest of the year and I’m confident in saying that I left the Summit feeling like anything can be accomplished with the help of our team and resources we have within our reach. I’m so incredibly proud to be a part of this company and already looking forward to seeing what this next year has to bring for all of us!


Last week’s A Brand Company summit was a well-planned and well-executed event.  Every effort was made to connect suppliers and distributors in social and business settings.  As a result, relationships were enhanced, trust was gained, and a foundation of credibility was built upon which opportunity will flourish.  Already, we’ve been asked to use our creativity to provide ideas for exciting projects, based on the meetings that were conducted in Kansas City.  After the event was finished, I’d say unequivocally that I have a better understanding of my distributor partners’ needs, and I’m sure that they now have a much better understanding of our capabilities and how we can be an incredible resource in mutually growing our respective businesses.  Congratulations on a wonderful event!!

I thought the event was very well organized and the venue was perfect.

The 18 minute one on one meetings with the small groups allowed ample time to get our message across and the evening activities provided a great opportunity to network with the reps.

I give it an A+!

Nothing inspires me more than being together with others who are creative, inventive, brilliant and generous. This year’s Summit was FULL of just those types of people…my co-workers! I came away from KC with a new perspective on the company, and my role in it. I also came away with many new connections, and I look forward to collaborating with them on upcoming projects. This kind of excitement, this inspiration can really only come from face to face meetings. Just what the Summit is designed for.

This year’s event was great.  I believe each year will surpass the previous as we learn from the previous years. The guest speakers were great. The supplier meetings seemed more organized and the venue was better with space between each so suppliers were well heard and not speaking over one another. Evenings as always are great for connecting with far away colleagues, meeting new people and the break out collaboration group sessions were great too.

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